Bad digital services can damage public trust, Deloitte study finds

Agencies that faltered online during the pandemic — such as unemployment insurance — achieved the lowest trust scores with the public.

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Miami has a new source of income: cryptocurrency

by • 2 weeks ago

Commissioners voted to allow the city to dip into proceeds of the cryptocurrency, which so far total $4.3 million in value.

Boise mayor nominates former consultant for CIO role

by • 2 weeks ago

Alexandra Winkler, who's worked for Deloitte and Sabel Systems Technology Solutions, has been nominated for the city's top technology role.

Judge tosses lawsuit over New York school district's facial-recognition plan

by • 3 weeks ago

A judge ruled that a December 2020 law suspending the use of facial recognition in schools rendered moot a case seeking stop a Buffalo-area district from using the controversial surveillance tech.

Kansas City expands civic engagement with data stories, virtual 'lunch-and-learns'

by • 4 weeks ago

Officials said a pair of new initiatives are geared toward helping residents better understand the city's digital services and open data.

Cybersecurity courses critical for public safety as threats grow, company says

by • 1 month ago

The public safety technology firm Mission Critical Partners has begun offering cybersecurity courses designed for emergency responders.

Tired of flawed broadband data, Virginia makes its own map

by • 1 month ago

Virginia Tech researchers are building a statewide broadband coverage map that they say will be more accurate than what's provided by the FCC.

U.S. Digital Response appoints new interim CEO

by • 1 month ago

Jessica Cole, a co-founder of the organization that formed in response to the pandemic, will succeed founding CEO Raylene Yung, who is joining the Biden administration.

New Hampshire town lost $2.3 million in email scam

by • 1 month ago

Foreign criminal actors impersonated a school district and a construction firm to rip off Peterborough, N.H., which is unlikely to recover the funds, officials said.

Nevada's local officials are still skeptical of 'innovation zones'

by • 1 month ago

County officials in Nevada told state legislators they don't want to share governmental authority with tech companies buying large plots of land in the state.

ARPA puts states closer to closing digital divide, but work remains

by • 1 month ago

Officials said the funding will connect more households to the internet, but challenges remain in finding accurate coverage data and workable urban solutions.