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Texas bill would prevent phone companies from 'throttling' first responders' data

by • 1 month ago

The legislation follows an incident in which Verizon cut off firefighters' mobile devices that hit a monthly data limit during the biggest wildfire in California history.

Tech response to disasters starts with culture, CIO of California's emergency services says

by • 2 months ago

Critical work doesn't get done unless everyone pitches in and supports each other, said Carla Simmons, the CIO of the state's Office of Emergency Services.

California Gov. Newsom orders procurement reform for faster wildfire response

by • 2 months ago

The new governor said the state will solicit bids for firefighting technology using a process that gives vendors broad authority to define the solutions.

California is planning a technology conference to help it fight wildfires

by • 4 months ago

After the most destructive and deadly year for wildfires in recent memory, state officials will look to innovate ways to combat future blazes.

California's deadly wildfires present opportunity for email scammers

by • 4 months ago

The gift card schemes are very low-tech, but they take advantage of people's sympathies after a deadly natural disaster, an email security consultant says.

Drones and databases: How two Western states are meeting an aggressive wildfire season with tech

by • 9 months ago

While Colorado takes to the air, California is standardizing data to provide more accurate real-time information to firefighters and the public.

How California fought its wildfires with data

by • 11 months ago

Commentary: "Data rich, but information poor," officials from the California Health and Human Services Agency say using data to inform disaster response has been an educational experience.

Northern California firefighters use real-time mapping to track devastation

by • 1 year ago

To alert the community and inform recovery operations, firefighters are using a new GIS app to report destroyed or damaged buildings.

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