Murder hornet tracking, wildfire response get GIS boost

by • 2 weeks ago

GIS officials in Washington and Oregon say recent events — including the appearance of Asian giant hornets — have raised their profiles in state government.

For wildfire tech, one California city is turning to Silicon Valley

by • 3 weeks ago

As another devastating fire season rips across the state, city officials want to develop more advanced, early-warning technologies.

Government needs better air-quality messaging, not more data, says Portland official

by • 12 months ago

Portland Smart City Coordinator Christine Kendrick said what's needed most now isn't more sensors or data, but "action" from local authorities.

As California burns, buggy alerting software ails emergency offices

by • 1 year ago

Emergency management officials in two counties have reported software errors hampering their ability to warn the public of deadly fires.

Why AI might be the most under-used emergency response tool

by • 1 year ago

A new report from Microsoft makes a case for why emergency management agencies should be doing more with artificial intelligence.

Wildfire tech, cybersecurity upgrades in California's 2020 budget

by • 2 years ago

Fire officials could get a new intelligence center for data-analysis, as California's security operations center gains a more stable backing.

California CIO says wildfires website launched 'in record time'

by • 2 years ago

As the state's technology agency dials in to daily meetings for emergency response for fires and power outages, Amy Tong says her role remains one of support.

First innovative firefighting technology contracts come to California

by • 2 years ago

A predictive modeling platform and an ignition detection system come under a new rapid procurement process Gov. Gavin Newsom designed to attract creative ideas.

California to get help from Pentagon on wildfires

by • 2 years ago

The state will use data from a Cold War-era satellite to track new wildfires and expand its use of aerial drones, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday.