Drones four times faster at scanning car crashes than old methods

by • 4 years ago

A new report from the North Carolina transportation department recommends government adoption of the technology for "dramatically reducing" investigation time.

Firefighting drones prepare to swoop in Los Angeles, pending approval

by • 5 years ago

Los Angeles City Council is considering a proposal that would give local firefighters the green light to start a drone program for training and emergency use.

New York state to invest M in drones

by • 5 years ago

The investment will go toward a next-generation air traffic infrastructure for drones and an innovation district for unmanned systems in New York.

NASCIO urges sound data management practices in new paper

by • 6 years ago

The group is recommending a series of strategies to help state IT leaders manage their data effectively.

Localities struggle to comply with complex FAA drone rules

by • 6 years ago

Counties like Richland County, South Carolina, want to use drone technology, but the process to operate legally is mired by applications and regulations.

State CIOs drawn into drone privacy debate

by • 7 years ago

As Americans grow increasingly concerned about their privacy, some states are considering legislation to restrict the use of drones due to privacy concerns.

Drone makers circling North Dakota testing grounds

by • 7 years ago

A massive business park and airfield dedicated to unmanned aircraft developers, slated to open in the spring near Grand Fork Air Force Base, is attracting big-name tenants.

Kansas to hold roundtables on drone uses

by • 7 years ago

Several states are working to determine what FAA's new drone regulations mean for their residents.

FAA unveils proposed rules for small drones

by • 7 years ago

Over the weekend, the agency released its proposed framework for how nonrecreational drones will integrate into the national airspace.