Sidewalk Labs

Four cities pilot curbside tech to manage urban congestion

by • 10 months ago

Nashville, Tennessee; Aspen, Colorado; Omaha, Nebraska; and West Palm Beach, Florida, will test technology from the company Coord to better understand how curbsides are being used in their downtown areas.

Digital privacy concerns will follow Sidewalk Labs to next venture, says former consultant

by • 11 months ago

Sidewalk Labs backed out of its "smart neighborhood" project in Toronto, but Ann Cavoukian said its flagrant misreading of the public's privacy concerns may continue to haunt the company.

Government IT budgets expected to decline as interest in technology spikes

by • 11 months ago

Chief information officers find themselves more relevant than ever, yet more than half in a recent survey said they expect their budgets to get cut this year. Meanwhile, Toronto's smart neighborhood project loses its developer.

Sidewalk Labs pulls out of Toronto Quayside project

by • 12 months ago

Google's urban-development sibling abandoned plans to build a "smart" neighborhood in the Canadian city, citing “unprecedented economic uncertainty."

Coronavirus delays Toronto's 'smart city' decision

by • 1 year ago

The new coronavirus pandemic has delayed until June 25 a decision on whether Sidewalk Labs will be permitted to build its "smart neighborhood," Quayside, on the city’s eastern lakeshore.

Sidewalk Labs pilots AI-powered recycling system

by • 1 year ago

AI-powered cameras to detect what people are recycling and detailed reports sent back to tenants are hoped to encourage more responsible waste management.

Waterfront Toronto won't sell user data, new planning document says

by • 1 year ago

Google sibling Sidewalk Labs has provided more detail on data storage and collection and technology integration for its Quayside neighborhood project in Toronto.

Sidewalk Toronto moves forward after resolutions

by • 1 year ago

The city and its Alphabet-owned partner are moving forward on the contentious project after settling resolutions on several longstanding disagreements.

Sidewalk Labs, Waterfront Toronto meet to decide future of project

by • 1 year ago

Whether Toronto's controversial Quayside project will continue will be settled in a meeting between city stakeholders and Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs on Thursday.