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Los Angeles city controller updates online property map to boost housing, economy

by • 3 months ago

Los Angeles isn't making the most of its nearly 14,000 government-owned properties. City Controller Ron Galperin wants to do something about it.

North Carolina opens virtual exploration with help from Google's 360-degree backpack cameras

by • 7 months ago

The North Carolina Department of Information Technology is using Google's Trekker program to preserve 360-degree journeys through cultural, natural and historical landmarks.

How to build a successful 3D Elevation Program partnership in your state

by • 2 years ago

Commentary: An Alaska-based spatial analyst with The Nature Conservancy shares his formula for leading a successful mapping project through a lesser-known federal program.

Map helps states spot hard-to-count districts for 2020 census

by • 2 years ago

A new tool is hoped to avoid undercounts that can leave some regions at risk of political and financial misrepresentation.

In Pittsburgh, a real-time 3-D modeling startup and the sewer authority have something in common

by • 2 years ago

From a bridge and tree inventory to building renovations, the city is using its latest startup cohort to ride the coattails of a growing tech economy.

Pittsburgh Burgh’s Eye View maps police arrests, service request, building violations

by • 3 years ago

Pittsburgh's new digital map offers a window into city neighborhoods with open data.

Utah agencies form high-res mapping partnership

by • 5 years ago

Information sharing between agencies could lead to better mapping imagery in the Beehive State after the formation of a Mapping and Information Partnership.