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Audit uncovers 'pervasive' problems in Illinois technology agency

by • 2 days ago

Cost overruns, security concerns and a refusal to cooperate with the state comptroller were evidently hallmarks of Department of Innovation and Technology's recent history.

Digital government's challenges are rarely technical

by • 4 weeks ago

According to the CIOs of Delaware and New Hampshire, advancing digital government is often a matter of convincing other state officials it's a good idea.

Alabama CIO Jim Purcell resigns

by • 1 month ago

Named the state's CIO in July 2017, Purcell oversaw an IT consolidation process and the creation of a state cybersecurity operations center.

Seattle IT fires 14 managers in major reorganization

by • 2 months ago

The city's new chief technology officer, Saad Bashir, said the decision is part of a "pivot" to becoming a "Best-in-Class digital service delivery team."

Connecticut takes first steps in 'all-digital government' initiative

by • 3 months ago

Gov. Ned Lamont announced a series of proposals aimed at simplifying procurement, certifications and paperwork needed to do business with the state.

Oklahoma's IT division to be audited amid potential restructuring

by • 4 months ago

The state's new chief operating officer says the governor's office isn't suspicious, but wants to better understand where the division's money is going.

Governors are paying more attention to technology than ever before

by • 4 months ago

Between rural broadband investment and emerging technologies that can transform government operations, state executives are tuning in to the latest trends.

Kentucky auditor faults IT office on network access and disaster planning

by • 5 months ago

An annual audit says the Commonwealth Office of Technology must be more communicative with agencies and more vigilant about protecting sensitive information.

Application management uncovers surprises in Nebraska

by • 6 months ago

State CIO Ed Toner says taking inventory of the state's applications and servers is helping to trim down and, other times, bulk up.