Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles prepares to be 'smart' ahead of 2028 Olympics

by • 11 months ago

City CIO Ted Ross said a new "smart-city" plan is a roadmap for agencies to follow in the build-up to the 2028 Summer Olympic Games.

Los Angeles wants flying taxis in the next three years

by • 1 year ago

A brand-new aviation company will try to realize Mayor Eric Garcetti's dream of flying taxis in the nation's second-biggest city.

LA needs a long-term digital services strategy, says city controller

by • 2 years ago

A new report from Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin urges the creation of a digital services unit and greater governance to ensure that extended disruptions caused the coronavirus don't degrade the city's service offerings.

LA mayor wants $80 million to refresh police department's 'backwards' technology

by • 3 years ago

Many of the department's workstations are more than seven years old and can reportedly take as long as 20 minutes to boot up.

Los Angeles launches earthquake detection app

by • 3 years ago

ShakeAlertLA runs on data collected by a network of seismic sensors designed to give residents precious seconds to brace themselves for major tremors.

LA transit embraces QR codes and optical readers

by • 4 years ago

The city has upgraded its subway and train stations with optical readers that officials say will shorten transfer times.

LA launches CyberLab to share more threat information with region's businesses

by • 5 years ago

The new tech platform and public-private partnership aims to protect critical IT infrastructure and aid businesses to fight cyberattacks in real time.

L.A.'s new tech spending policy outlines 'consultant' role for IT agency

by • 6 years ago

Under a new plan, the city’s IT department works alongside — but does not control — other agencies’ IT efforts.

Los Angeles IT department jumps into action as fire rages near city boundary

by • 6 years ago

The city’s information technology department is providing support to fire and emergency personnel as officials work to contain the San Fernando fire.