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Ohio says collaboration fixed its business portal

by • 2 weeks ago

A drop in help-desk tickets and faster turnaround times on paperwork are being attributed to strong collaboration between agencies and jurisdictions.

North Dakota's building a cybersecurity operations center — and everyone's invited

by • 3 months ago

Technology officials are compiling technologies and forming relationships across state boundaries to build a unified defense against cyberattacks.

Flint's 'Beyond Blight' portal wins $75,000 prize

by • 5 months ago

The Michigan city has lost half its population since 1960. A digital tool to improve collaboration is helping communities manage their abandoned properties.

Want government collaboration? Grab coffee, think deeply

by • 6 months ago

Oakland, California’s digital engagement officer says resource-strapped local governments can improve interjurisdictional partnership through careful strategy.

Global 'smart city' network promises enhanced collaboration

by • 6 months ago

A new institute will enhance collaboration and communication between hundreds of technology-focused city officials from around the world.

How state agencies benefit from a CMS platform to collaboration on case files

by • 7 months ago

Modern content management systems are improving how agencies manage structured and unstructured data through workflows and across departments, says IT expert.

Oakland County, Mich., CIO Phil Bertolini retires

by • 7 months ago

Known for his dedication to public service and a focus on getting people to cooperate across jurisdictional boundaries, the 30-year IT veteran steps down.

Musical 'think tank' sessions spur IT creativity in Ohio

by • 7 months ago

Ohio state CIO Ervan Rodgers says he wanted to create an atmosphere that would get people loose and willing to share new ideas.

Citizen services should serve the bottom 5 percent — and everyone else

by • 7 months ago

The top technology official for Santa Clara County, California, says in her jurisdiction, digital services fall into two clear categories.