Oregon Secretary of State has new site

Nowadays, Oregonians have a lot they need to get done online. The Oregon Secretary of State’s new website at makes doing so easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Oregon Secretary of State website becomes more accessible for citizens

Nowadays Oregonians have a lot they need to get done online. The Oregon Secretary of State’s new website at makes doing so easier, faster and more enjoyable.

“My priority is to help Oregonians take care of business quickly and easily,” said Secretary of State Kate Brown. “Not only have we modernized our design for smartphones and tablets, but we have also removed barriers to Oregonians with disabilities.”

For instance, to simplify finding the agency’s many resources – whether registering to vote or licensing a business – content was reduced by 80 percent and website users’ top tasks were highlighted.


“This website redesign was accomplished at no cost to our agency through Oregon’s E-Government Program with the assistance of NICUSA Inc.,” said Julie Pearson-Ruthven, chief information officer for Secretary Brown. “Our goal was to create a streamlined, user-friendly website that works anywhere, on any device.”

Some 34 usability tests with nearly 200 citizens in Salem, Portland and Eugene, OR, guided the design. Simple is good, so the interface is lightweight, resulting in fast page-load times. Citizens with poor Internet service and those on limited data plans will appreciate this feature.

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