Colorado health plans creating data-sharing solution for care providers

Seven Colorado health plans are developing a single-source system that would combine and make patient-level information data available from one website to help care providers improve their care of patients.

Seven health plan providers in Colorado are combining efforts to develop an online data-sharing tool that would provide a single source for information on patient care. The effort is expected save time and resources for caregivers and help give them more time with Colorado patients.

The idea emerged from a national initiative among public and private health plans aimed at strengthening primary care, known as the Comprehensive Primary Care initiative. Health plan providers participating in the Colorado CPC hope the information-sharing project will help make it easier for primary care practices to transition to a more integrated, family care centered approach to serving patients.

Currently, most care providers must log on to several different websites to access patient data. That creates extra work and leads to inefficiencies for care providers to coordinate a patient’s care.

Colorado CPC members are trying to overcome that by developing a single-source system that would combine patient-level information and make the data available from one website. Rise Health will partner with Colorado’s Center for Improving Value in Health Care, and other state and local entities to build the tool and help ensure a comprehensive approach to data aggregation.


“This initiative represents a major step forward for both providers and payers in Colorado. For the first time, physicians will be able to access actionable, patient-specific data across multiple insurers and self-funding employers in a single analytic tool,” said Patrick Gordon, associate vice president at Rocky Mountain Health Plans, in newswire report.

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