John MacMillan, Pennsylvania CIO

People to tend to conflate it with things like “emerging technology.” Like, you’ve got to have the latest toaster to take your bread and turn it into toast. No, you don’t. You just need a toaster. That one is troublesome because it tends to drive the way people think about doing what we do on a regular daily basis, and that’s always looking for new solutions. Buying something new for the sake of buying something new is like buying a new model car — that’s the one that’s got all the problems. You don’t want to be a leader, you definitely don’t want to be a laggard, you want to find Goldilocks, that thing that’s “just right,” somewhere in the middle.

Colin Wood

Written by Colin Wood

Colin Wood is the editor in chief of StateScoop and EdScoop. He's reported on government information technology policy for more than a decade, on topics including cybersecurity, IT governance and public safety.

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