digital transformation

States juggle cyberthreats, aging IT, budget concerns

by • 1 month ago

As state and local governments begin growing comfortable with their new working environments, concerns about the future abound.

Digital Transformation — A StateScoop Special Report

by • 1 month ago

Digital transformation and IT modernization was in government once the purview of a select few. Now the pandemic is showing how it affects everyone.

Mainframes are not leaving state government anytime soon

by • 1 month ago

Montana, which is targeting spring 2021 to retire its mainframe, may be the exception that proves the rule that mainframes are essential technology for states.

The coronavirus pandemic could crush states' digital transformation

by • 1 month ago

Will the health crisis propel states' upgrade efforts or will the coming economic slowdown introduce years of delays to planned modernization efforts?

Why is it so hard for DMVs to upgrade their technology?

by • 1 month ago

The answer doesn't lie in the technology itself, but the decades of bureaucratic baggage that even the most innovative leaders have struggled to change.

Some officials say government's mobile work culture might stick

by • 2 months ago

If state and local governments are smart, some technology officials say, they'll take advantage of the cost savings that expanded remote working could bring.

How Los Angeles went remote fast after the pandemic hit

by • 2 months ago

Los Angeles CIO Ted Ross breaks down what the city did right to prepare for moving 10,000 city staff to a secure, remote-working platform with little notice.

Virtual city council meetings are boom or bust for local governments

by • 2 months ago

While some report the forced digitization is improving civic engagement, technological gaffs have also created confusion and slowed proceedings.

Connecticut governor says new bill would enable more digital services

by • 3 months ago

The state's purchasing, digital identity management and citizen services are primed for the greatest improvements under Gov. Ned Lamont's proposal.