Minnesota claims success in $26 million Real ID system launch

by Jared Beinart • 2 months ago

Unlike the state's failing licensing and registration system, this project reportedly has no major issues so far.

With gubernatorial changes ahead, NASCIO releases 2018 State CIO Survey

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

The annual document is expected to serve as a lodestar for a new upcoming class of state IT leaders.

Auditor finds Minnesota IT Services broke 'significant legal requirements' in managing technology fund

by Colin Wood • 4 months ago

The state's technology agency is required to provide oversight for Minnesota's Information and Telecommunications Account, but was unable to show in many instances that it was reviewing applications or monitoring projects.

There are four audits into Minnesota's IT agency and its $100 million vehicle licensing and registration system

by Colin Wood • 5 months ago

The project known as MNLARS has faced continual challenges since launching almost a year ago.

After budget-writing failure, Minnesota's struggling vehicle licensing system is left hanging

by Colin Wood • 6 months ago

As the dust settles following a final political joust between the outgoing governor and Republican lawmakers, everyone is left a loser.

Minnesota governor vetoes bill reimbursing those affected by struggling licensing system

by Colin Wood • 7 months ago

Gov. Mark Dayton is instead calling on the legislature for a single comprehensive bill that provides sustainable funding to fix MNLARS and reimburses deputy registrars who have been affected.

Minnesota official knew of 70 errors in troubled licensing system prior to launch

by Ryan Johnston • 8 months ago

The state's former chief business technology officer "did not conduct himself" as expected as a state government IT executive, according to a report commissioned by Minnesota IT Services.

South Dakota's modernization success offers a blueprint for state IT everywhere

by Colin Wood • 9 months ago

The state has seen success where others have failed, and its technology leaders says they know — at least partially — why.

Minnesota Senate passes bill proposing $10 million to troubled licensing system

by Colin Wood • 9 months ago

Lawmakers are making progress on finding emergency funding to fix the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System.

Minnesota lawmakers scramble to fund troubled MNLARS licensing system

by Colin Wood • 9 months ago

Proposals for new appropriations to fix the system and reimburse those affected are advancing quickly through the legislature.

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