Why XDR is a game-changer for SLED security

A new report underscores why extended detection and response solutions help state and local agencies and education institutions simplify, automate and unify their security operations.

While state government CIOs have ranked cybersecurity at the top ten policy and technology priorities for 12 years in a row, many continue to wrestle with the need to fully establish a comprehensive view of their security risks and ongoing threats.

A new report, “Simplifying security operations with XDR,” points to potential game-changing solutions for state and local agencies as well as education institutions offered by today’s extended detection and response platforms. “XDR solutions streamline threat detection and response by offering centralized visibility across endpoints, networks and cloud environments,” says the report.

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XDR solutions also offer a “way to stop ransomware, specifically for resource-limited SLED organizations,” explained Javier Inclan, a product marketing manager at Cisco. XDR brings the added advantage of reducing downtime and lowering the risk of budget-busting ransomware attacks.  

Norman St. Laurent, Cisco’s federal product marketing manager, said that SLED entities need a “tool that can consolidate and pivot between different security products on a network, which is important.” He explains the benefit of having a solution that can integrate with an extensive range of third-party security products to share telemetry and streamline interoperability, delivering consistent outcomes regardless of vendor or technology.

As SLED entities expand their reliance on more devices, applications, and tools, XDR provides an increasingly compelling solution to improve their security posture by consolidating tools, detecting, mitigating, and remediating threats faster, increasing visibility into gaps or risk areas, and improving response readiness.

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