virtual reality

NIST launches immersive VR research center for public safety

by • 3 months ago

Researchers at NIST plan to use the new space to develop new indoor location-tracking technology and user interfaces for public safety.

Police in rural Ohio are using VR for empathy training

by • 11 months ago

Organizers said the platform's low cost and portability are promising for a profession short on training resources.

Oceanside, Calif., opens 360-degree video tours of water treatment plant

by • 1 year ago

A 360-degree video tour of the San Luis Rey Water Reclamation Facility is now available on YouTube, while the city says it plans to begin loaning VR-headsets to schools and scout troops.

Facebook, US Ignite want communities to crowdsource AR, VR tools

by • 2 years ago

Three communities will be selected to hold challenges next year that find applications of AR and VR that support the public good.

Indiana's case workers use VR to make sure they'll like the job first

by • 2 years ago

Kevin Jones, the chief information officer at the Indiana Department of Child Services, said the tool reduced case worker turnover by 18 percent.

Emerging technologies empower government to respond to constituent demand

by • 5 years ago

Commentary: Leaders from consultancy NIC Inc. say technologies like chatbots, "voice-first" devices, and virtual reality are enabling government to serve its public like never before.

Arkansas extends Facebook VR program to all public high schools

by • 5 years ago

More than 360 public high schools in the state will gain free access to the emerging technology.

Lab for virtual and augmented reality tech coming to NYC this year

by • 5 years ago

To stimulate further growth in an emerging market, the city is hunting for a vendor to create lab that where startups and residents can run their businesses and develop new ideas.