Singapore announces national AI strategy, office

by • 2 years ago

As the world's leading smart city, Singapore says it will take a “human-centric” approach to artificial intelligence centering on social and economic benefits.

Most of the public doesn't know what open data is or how to use it

by • 4 years ago

Survey respondents from around the world say that government should improve civic engagement efforts and data accessibility.

Three things the U.S. can learn from Singapore's smart city crusade

by • 5 years ago

StateScoop shares on-the-ground observations into the polices, investments and initiatives of one of the world's leading smart cities.

Cutting the commute: Singapore's smart city efforts to fight traffic

by • 5 years ago

The city-state's researchers look to electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, strong transportation policies and public transit as a recipe for smart mobility.

Smart city surveillance: Singapore's camera system stands as a potent deterrent

by • 5 years ago

Singapore's clean streets and smart city initiatives are closely tied to its widespread surveillance network.

Lessons from Singapore: Smart city strategy with the leader of the Hive

by • 5 years ago

Singapore's CIO says his nation's centralized IT agency is building capacity and cutting costs.

Federal CIO: States want common APIs for federal services

by • 7 years ago

APIs that tap into federal data could cut costs and make it easier for different levels of government to communicate, federal CIO Tony Scott said.