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As 911 goes digital, security and training pose major challenges

by • 2 weeks ago

Today's aging, analog 911 systems are largely insulated from cyberattacks. But soon they'll be plugged into everything else that gets hacked.

How Lake Tahoe is fixing its evacuation route bottleneck

by • 1 month ago

With only six major routes in or out of the popular tourist spot, state and federal officials are convening to design a more resilient disaster plan.

Next-generation 911 gets $109 million boost

by • 2 months ago

Funding authorized in 2012 is now being dispensed to 34 states and territories. But a full nationwide upgrade could require more than $12 billion.

California has a new plan to upgrade 911

by • 2 months ago

After years of false starts, Gov. Gavin Newsom says the state could now be getting the support it needs to deploy the next generation of 911 technologies.

South Carolina experiment adds social media to 911 response

by • 11 months ago

And it works best when the data is curated before it reaches a first responder.

Next-generation 911 could cost $12.7 billion, says federal report

by • 1 year ago

The multibillion-dollar figure calculated by federal agencies will help Congress advance discussions on building such a communications system over the next decade.

Those 911 phone fees are not going toward 911, U.S. House committee tells FCC

by • 1 year ago

A letter from lawmakers highlights the hundreds of millions of dollars in consumer fees that states are diverting away from emergency communications for other projects.

Piece by piece, next generation 911 is coming

by • 1 year ago

Even without strong federal funding, emergency call centers are slowly adding new features that are expected, ultimately, to save lives.

Text-to-911 now available across Iowa

by • 1 year ago

The state is close to its goal of 100 percent availability of the service across all counties.