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Crowdsourced environment data gets a home on Louisville Data Commons

by • 1 month ago

A city-university partnership gives community members and researchers a new place to host data on the environmental and public health.

Kentucky Senate declines to vote on bill lowering CIO's salary

by • 6 months ago

Charles Grindle will remain the country's highest-paid state CIO after the Kentucky Senate declined to vote on a bill reducing his $375,000 salary.

Lawmaker proposes cutting Kentucky CIO's $375,000 salary

by • 7 months ago

The bill would reduce Charles Grindle's salary to about $200,000, equal to the CIO's pay in neighboring Tennessee.

Kentucky auditor faults IT office on network access and disaster planning

by • 7 months ago

An annual audit says the Commonwealth Office of Technology must be more communicative with agencies and more vigilant about protecting sensitive information.

Kentucky eyes AI to slash thousands of service desk requests

by • 10 months ago

As Chuck Grindle enters his second year as Kentucky's CIO, he's setting a baseline for AI, procurement reform and more work with data.

Kentucky's $375,000 CIO defends his first year on the job

by • 11 months ago

Charles Grindle, whose unusually high salary has become a political controversy, says he's saved the commonwealth millions of dollars.

Broadband project to cost Kentucky taxpayers $1.5 billion after policy turnabout

by • 12 months ago

The project was originally to cost taxpayers $30 million, but a recent audit found changes to procurement rules have placed a much bigger burden on the state.

What open data says about post-Harvey mosquito threats

by • 2 years ago

Commentary: Jonathan Jay, a doctoral researcher from the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, says the data forecasts a dangerous likelihood of heightened disease transmission after the storm.

Louisville CIO makes a quiet departure

by • 2 years ago

After three years with the Kentucky city, Jason Ballard disappears from its technology leadership team.