Gov. Pat McCrory

North Carolina gov. signs controversial bill severely limiting access to police video

by • 6 years ago

Gov. Pat McCrory approved a bill to keep all police video in the state secret, unless a judge steps in and gets involved.

North Carolina moves closer to creating cyber apprenticeship program for disabled vets

by • 6 years ago

A budget bill containing Gov. Pat McCrory's proposed program for veterans is now just one step away from becoming law.

North Carolina gov. calls for statewide broadband access by 2021 in new roadmap

by • 6 years ago

Gov. Pat McCrory and CIO Keith Werner are laying out a series of steps the state can take to get its residents connected to the internet.

North Carolina governor signs bill restricting how companies can use student data

by • 6 years ago

Gov. Pat McCrory approved legislation that prevents vendors of online educational resources from using student data for targeted advertising and other purposes.

North Carolina governor unveils variety of tech investments among budget changes

by • 6 years ago

Gov. Pat McCrory is hoping to see the state invest in bringing more technology to classrooms and revamping its tax fraud systems.

North Carolina makes acting CIO official state IT chief

by • 6 years ago

After just a few weeks as the state's acting chief information officer, Keith Werner is now officially heading up IT in North Carolina.

North Carolina CIO steps down, returns to private sector

by • 6 years ago

CIO Chris Estes is stepping away from his post after more than two years on the job.

Website redesign launches N.C. into digital services

by • 7 years ago

As the demand for digital services grows nationwide, North Carolina is stepping up its game — starting with a website redesign across state government.

North Carolina Innovation Center spawns model for 25 other states

by • 8 years ago

North Carolina's Innovation Center has emerged as a model being considered now by 25 other state governments in a new collaborative arrangement to improve the integration of technology in government operations.