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These app makers are trying to shatter Facebook's echo chamber

by • 10 months ago

By giving users a direct link to their representatives, Aidan and Liam McCarty say their tool could transform online political discourse.

Facebook and Google take different stances toward states' new rules on political ad disclosures

by • 1 year ago

Google is suspending political ads in Washington state, while Facebook simply says state authorities have raised "important questions."

Boston data chief Andrew Therriault heads to Facebook

by • 1 year ago

The city's first chief data officer says he will soon return to the Boston region to build a new data team as he takes on "new challenges."

Seattle flags machine learning as integral piece of data program in 2018

by • 2 years ago

Following an open data hackathon that included engineers from Facebook and Amazon, Seattle city government is exploring for ways to expand its experimental foray into machine learning.

Arkansas extends Facebook VR program to all public high schools

by • 2 years ago

More than 360 public high schools in the state will gain free access to the emerging technology.

VR comes to Arkansas public schools under new partnership with Facebook

by • 3 years ago

The new partnership between the social networking giant's Techstart program and the state of Arkansas will bring virtual reality, more computers and cameras to classrooms.

New Facebook-powered tool delivers city services, expands civic inclusion

by • 3 years ago

ProudCity's new Service Center meets people where they are by delivering city services through government profile pages.

D.C. builds GIS buzz with social media challenge

by • 4 years ago

The city's Office of the Chief Technology Officer used a series of Facebook and Twitter riddles to get people thinking about D.C.'s GIS tools.

New California laws take aim at preserving electronic privacy

by • 4 years ago

Lawmakers have managed to pass a series of laws regulating how law enforcement officers can both use technology and access electronic data.