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Nevada lawmakers approve four blockchain bills

by • 4 months ago

New legislation is hoped to encourage innovative uses of the record-keeping technology by the public and inside government itself.

New York's 'Crypto Task Force' seeks to balance economic development with public security

by • 9 months ago

As steward of some of the public's most valuable and sensitive information, the state "can't ignore blockchain," says State Asssemblyman Clyde Vanel.

As Connecticut forms working group, blockchain remains highly experimental in state governments

by • 1 year ago

Many states are now studying blockchain to improve security and efficiency in government, but the technology's exact value to the public sector is yet to be defined.

'BitLicense' roundtable convenes in New York as senators consider overhaul

by • 2 years ago

The regulation, which is unpopular with cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, is being examined by the legislature with help from the community.

Soon, your car may have its own crypto wallet to pay for parking

by • 2 years ago

As cryptocurrency markets skyrocket, an IoT company has found yet another use for the emerging technology.

Looking to harness the power of blockchain, New York lawmaker introduces 4 bills

by • 2 years ago

Assemblyman Clyde Vanel wants to explore how blockchain technology could be used in elections, governance and business.