coronavirus pandemic

Civis Analytics releases digital toolkit to reach vaccine skeptics

by • 5 months ago

A new suite of maps and data tools from Civis Analytics enable state and local agencies to view who's hesitant about taking a COVID-19 vaccine.

Los Angeles should 'thrive' in pandemic recovery, CIO says

by • 7 months ago

Los Angeles vastly expanded its digital service offerings last year, but 2021 presents a crucial opportunity to continue that trend, city CIO Ted Ross said.

AT&T to distribute hotspots nationwide to expand student broadband access

by • 7 months ago

The phone carrier's contribution is expected to bring better internet service to at least 35,000 students.

Virtual jobs board was key in New Jersey's pandemic response

by • 7 months ago

New Jersey officials said a digital jobs portal stood up at the start of the pandemic enabled key industries to stay afloat while unemployment spiked.

Cities should avoid building an IT 'Frankenstein,' says local CIO

by • 8 months ago

Planning ahead for interoperability is critical for cities, Carlsbad, California's chief innovation officer, David Graham, told an online conference.

Google made vaccine management software for state and local agencies

by • 8 months ago

Google Cloud's new suite of predictive analytics and logistics tools are designed to help state and local agencies manage their vaccine distribution plans.

Tucson, Arizona, is building a municipal broadband network

by • 8 months ago

Tucson Chief Information Officer Collin Boyce said the new network will support government offices, students and elderly residents who've been affected by the pandemic.

Cisco backs off 'smart city' business

by • 9 months ago

The technology firm says it will "move away from" its Kinect for Cities software product line, as organizations around the world scale back their extraneous programs.

Virginia building e-referral system to connect hospitals with social services

by • 9 months ago

Virginia will spend $10 million of its CARES Act funding on an e-referral system to connect hospitals to organizations that provide social services like housing, transportation and food.