Sacramento increases funding cap for crime analysis software

The boost will allow Sacramento to continue to receive LexisNexis' services through the end of June.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The city council unanimously passed a measure this week allowing its city manager to boost by $200,000 the maximum amount Sacramento can spend to receive crime analysis services from LexisNexis.

Under the original agreement — struck in 2013 with Bair Analytics, later acquired by LexisNexis — Sacramento agreed to pay as much as $685,000 for software as well as the services of two analysts. The company was supposed to provide services through this June; however, “the original agreement estimates are insufficient,” according to a report from the city council. 

To continue to receive the same services through that period, the city must raise that cap to just under $1 million, the report says.

Under the contract, one analyst coordinates crime information sharing with neighboring governments to analyze trends and helps develop response strategies. Those activities are funded by a grant from state, approved by Sacramento City Council in 2015. A second analyst will work on crime statistics specific to Sacramento.


“This recommendation will allow for the services of the two crime analysts to continue through June 30, 2016,” according to the report.

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