Solomon Adote

Adote is the chief security officer for the State of Delaware.

State Cybersecurity Leader of the Year

Solomon Adote has been the chief security officer for the State of Delaware since his appointment in October 2018. Adote brings great experience designing comprehensive information security programs and deploying some of the industry’s leading technologies. Adote has also developed hybrid-managed and in-house security operations centers and led the architecture and implementation of secure computing environments for both public and private clouds. Most recently, he led FMC Inc.’s global IT cybersecurity team for six years. Adote was responsible for the security of a complex, 90-site international manufacturing and corporate network. His team covered all aspects of cybersecurity — from network security, application security, incident response, identity and access lifecycle management to internet and remote access. Adote also previously worked as an IT security technical lead at QVC, the third largest e-commerce company in North America, where he secured a dynamic Payment Card Industry-compliant credit card processing environment with a web presence in multiple countries.

Jake Williams

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