Paula Peters

Peters is the director of the project management office in Missouri's Office of Administration.

State Up & Comer of the Year

Most IT projects fail because of poor governance and planning. To address this, Peters established the Enterprise Project Management Office in 2019 to support strategic, needs-based IT solution delivery. Peters designed and implemented the EPMO project intake process for all projects valued over $500,000, representing $119,490,934 in investment for 21 projects in 2019. Peters also designed and leads a four-day comprehensive project management training program for the State of Missouri. Employees across departments receive step-by-step coaching on how to manage IT projects — from initial scoping, procurement and governance structure to using SCRUM tools to keep projects on track.

Jake Williams

Written by Jake Williams

Jake Williams is the vice president of content and community for StateScoop and EdScoop. He's spent nearly a decade in the government IT market, covering the ins and outs of state and local government, as well as higher education. He started his journalism career in his native Pennsylvania and has also worked as a reporter for Campaigns & Elections magazine.

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