"solar power"

Smart infrastructure challenge announces winners of $50 million in seed funding

by Benjamin Freed • 6 months ago

Consulting firm Venture Smarter announced the prizes at its Smart Regions Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Helping governors stay ahead of the innovation curve

by Brian Sandoval • 6 months ago

Commentary: Brian Sandoval, governor of Nevada and 2017-18 chair of the National Governors Association, urges governors to keep pace with rapidly changing energy and transportation technologies.

Eight big ideas win $1.6 million in connectivity challenge

by Colin Wood • 7 months ago

New initiatives and projects are being awarded for ingenuity that could bring internet connectivity where today there's little or none.

New Mexico gets $20 million to research electrical grid modernization

by Ryan Johnston • 7 months ago

Researchers will explore how to integrate machine learning, new cybersecurity protections, and renewable energy sources into a century-old system.

Building a smart city from scratch is as hard as it sounds

by Ryan Johnston • 11 months ago

Groundbreaking developments near Toronto, Boston and Phoenix are revealing early challenges around data privacy, social stewardship, and understanding the intangible qualities that entice people to move to a new city.

What it means to be a 'smart city' in 2018 — and why we should consider another name

by Benjamin Freed • 11 months ago

From railroads to sewers to paved roads, cities must improve their infrastructure to avoid fading away. "Smart city" upgrades add a different dimension to the story.

The next generation of flood monitoring is being built in Southeastern Virginia

by Colin Wood • 1 year ago

Newport News, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach are among the cities testing sensor stations that will allow predictive alerts.

How one group is hashing out smart city ideas for the globe

by Colin Wood • 1 year ago

Commentary: Founders of the Urbanova project in Spokane, Washinton, share how emerging technology and human-centered design is preparing mid-sized cities for certain and abundant growth.

Sidewalk robot test program extended in Washington, D.C., with strong government support

by Colin Wood • 1 year ago

City council is standing behind a pilot program that it says could both relieve congestion on city streets and enable new data collection to support operations.

Wireless broadband challenge funds 20 winning ideas in first phase

by Colin Wood • 1 year ago

The design phase of a national competition is complete. Organizers say they're impressed by the creative concepts for bridging the digital divide and assisting during emergencies.

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