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Autonomous taxis are coming to San Jose

by Jared Beinart • 1 month ago

Through a new partnership, officials are now developing an app that will allow select members of the public to hail a self-driving vehicle.

Oakland County, Michigan hires new CISO

by Benjamin Freed • 7 months ago

Bridget Kravchenko, who spent nearly 25 years in the private sector, succeeds Chris Burrows, who stepped down in February.

New reports reveal self-driving cars struggling with software, highway overpasses, and even the sun

by Benjamin Freed • 7 months ago

A group of "disengagement reports" from eight companies testing autonomous vehicles in California uncover many different reasons why humans are still needed to grab the wheel.

Autonomous vehicle rules fought 'my way or the highway' by lobbyists, says Indiana lawmaker

by Ryan Johnston • 8 months ago

Republican Indiana House Rep. Ed Soliday says his failed autonomous vehicle legislation brought on the most political, "nastiest" proceedings he's ever been involved with.

California now allows testing of fully autonomous vehicles

by Benjamin Freed • 8 months ago

There won't be any truly driver-free cars on the roads for a while, but cities are eager to see what challenges they might bring.

California nixes rule to protect autonomous vehicle makers against dirty sensors

by Colin Wood • 1 year ago

Consumer advocates praise the decision to forego a rule that some had called a "license to kill."

Autonomous vehicle legislation passes easily in U.S. House

by Colin Wood • 1 year ago

The Senate, now drafting its own version, is the next destination for the landmark bill.

Landmark self-driving vehicle bill plows toward House floor

by Colin Wood • 1 year ago

The proposal would speed the disruptive technology to market, while questions surrounding security, data ownership, and local authority remain largely unanswered.

From snow to plastic road markers, self-driving vehicles still face major tests

by Ryan Johnston • 1 year ago

As cities prepare for an eventual influx of the vehicles, technologists and policy-makers wrestle with big ethical questions and small roadway dots.

Self-driving in North Dakota: New research to target data privacy, safety

by Jason Shueh • 2 years ago

To avoid a false start, lawmakers are calling for investigation into how self-driving vehicles would influence current laws, safety and data privacy.

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