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Seattle mayor to nominate Ottawa's Saad Bashir as CTO

by • 12 hours ago

Mayor Jenny Durkan is expected to nominate Ottawa's outgoing chief information officer as Seattle's new chief technology officer.

Seattle readies UPS 'eBike' pilot to assist urban delivery

by • 3 months ago

The eBikes, operated by UPS, will work alongside traditional vans as part of an experimental project.

Seattle invites public to comment on its surveillance technologies

by • 4 months ago

The city will host five public meetings in the coming weeks to ensure locals have a chance to be included in the evolution of the local government's privacy policy.

Cities are preparing to sue FCC over new 'unlawful' 5G antenna rules

by • 4 months ago

The mayor of Seattle, a leading city in the dispute, announced it will appeal rules she called an "overreach by the Trump administration."

Seattle pumps $400K into digital literacy through annual grant program

by • 5 months ago

This year's Technology Matching Fund recipients are fewer, but will receive more funding.

Seattle's 'Innovation Advisory Council' to commit corporate technology to homelessness, transportation issues

by • 6 months ago

Officials from companies including Amazon, Zillow, Microsoft, Expedia and Tableau say they will share their technology to help solve local issues.

As public safety tech advances, policy remains 'light years behind'

by • 11 months ago

A panel of experts at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, say institutional barriers are blocking progress promised by new technologies in policing.

Transparency advocates rebuke open records rollbacks in Washington state

by • 11 months ago

Two bills advancing in the legislature would remove items like birth dates of state employees from public disclosure, in the name of privacy.

Data privacy audit in Seattle reveals a city getting most things right

by • 12 months ago

The Future Privacy Forum gives the city high marks for privacy leadership, program management and data quality.

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