Seattle awards additional $330,000 in grants to close digital divide

by • 2 weeks ago

Seattle will support 14 additional community organizations by dipping into its $128.4 million federal recovery fund.

Seattle CTO Saad Bashir stepped down

by • 2 months ago

A deputy CTO, Jim Loter, was appointed as his interim replacement.

Seattle CISO announces retirement

by • 6 months ago

Andrew Cushman, a former Microsoft cybersecurity director who joined the city government in 2019, plans to step down later this year.

Seattle's annual digital-equity grants target K-12, adult learners

by • 6 months ago

The annual program this year generated $848,000 to supply learners with new laptops, Wi-Fi hotspots, tech-literacy training and mentorship services.

'Cuba Ransomware' attack disrupts payment provider used by state and local agencies

by • 7 months ago

A successful attack against a widely used payment processing service has prompted state and local agencies to issue breach disclosures in recent days.

Seattle distributes $345,000 to digital literacy organizations

by • 1 year ago

The city's annual Technology Matching Fund will support 15 organizations supporting immigrant and low-income communities.

Seattle dodges 'legacy nightmare' with paperless contract management

by • 1 year ago

A $3 million contract with Aurigo Software is allowing the city to dump its physical contract management system and collaborate with vendors more quickly.

Pandemic boosted public's interest in government, city officials say

by • 1 year ago

Attendance numbers of public meetings in San Francisco and Seattle are up, according to numbers provided by their broadcasting stations, as people obey stay-at-home orders and millions file for unemployment.

As cities respond to coronavirus, data chiefs can play key role

by • 2 years ago

There are a few ways real-time data could be used to assist policymaking and emergency response, says a former Seattle city official.