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Microsoft expands rural broadband initiative to 25 states

by • 5 days ago

Its Airband initiative is slated to provide high-speed internet to three million people by 2022.

Colorado's rural broadband push may foreshadow a national trend

by • 8 months ago

With three new laws on the books and more cities and counties opting out of a restrictive state law with each election cycle, Colorado's renewed interest in broadband is also paralleled on a national scale.

'Netflix tax' proposed to subsidize rural broadband in Georgia

by • 10 months ago

A lawmaker's plan to restructure the state's broadband franchising and tax rules includes a new digital media tax for consumers.

Closing the rural internet divide, Colorado doubles school broadband bandwidth

by • 12 months ago

New partnerships and grant funding are improving connectivity for schools in the state, particularly in remote areas.

New funding could bring broadband to rural West Virginia

by • 1 year ago

Counties in one of the most poorly connected states in the country are now applying for a new round of research and infrastructure grants.

Broadband cooperatives could be the overlooked solution to rural America's internet woes

by • 1 year ago

As the FCC eases restrictions on big carriers upgrading outdated infrastructure, a new report makes a case for community-led broadband.

TV white space is the solution to rural broadband, says Microsoft president

by • 1 year ago

As Congress rallies for new policy and funding to meet the more than 22 million rural Americans lacking broadband access, Microsoft's president outlines one potential tech-based solution.

Rural broadband progress slow, data outdated, says technology subcommittee

by • 1 year ago

Industry representatives and lawmakers at a recent congressional hearing searched for answers for many of the nation's broadband policy woes, with some frustrated by a lack of tangible progress.

Colorado lawmakers advance bill for rural broadband, but would it build networks?

by • 2 years ago

Counties may soon gain a new way to finance fiber infrastructure for rural improvement districts, but the measure may not be enticing enough for providers to build.

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