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Senate bill would create rural broadband office at FCC

by • 7 days ago

The new office would act as a clearinghouse for information on programs dedicated to expanding high-speed internet access in underserved areas.

Broadband expert says USDA shutdown is hurting rural internet expansion

by • 1 month ago

The government's partial shutdown may affect communities seeking grants, though experts say more technical help is available today than ever before.

Oregon opens broadband office to connect rural residents

by • 2 months ago

An executive order creates a statewide coordinating office to be staffed by four or five employees charged with ensuring everyone is online.

Microsoft expands rural broadband initiative to 25 states

by • 3 months ago

Its Airband initiative is slated to provide high-speed internet to three million people by 2022.

Colorado's rural broadband push may foreshadow a national trend

by • 11 months ago

With three new laws on the books and more cities and counties opting out of a restrictive state law with each election cycle, Colorado's renewed interest in broadband is also paralleled on a national scale.

'Netflix tax' proposed to subsidize rural broadband in Georgia

by • 1 year ago

A lawmaker's plan to restructure the state's broadband franchising and tax rules includes a new digital media tax for consumers.

Closing the rural internet divide, Colorado doubles school broadband bandwidth

by • 1 year ago

New partnerships and grant funding are improving connectivity for schools in the state, particularly in remote areas.

New funding could bring broadband to rural West Virginia

by • 1 year ago

Counties in one of the most poorly connected states in the country are now applying for a new round of research and infrastructure grants.

Broadband cooperatives could be the overlooked solution to rural America's internet woes

by • 1 year ago

As the FCC eases restrictions on big carriers upgrading outdated infrastructure, a new report makes a case for community-led broadband.

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