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Underserved communities triaged in CivStart accelerator's first cohort

by • 5 months ago

Ten startups will enter a 24-month program to develop solutions aimed at improving quality of life, public safety and public health for underserved communities.

Cloud migration made flood response quicker, Iowa health official says

by • 6 months ago

The Iowa Department of Public Health's move to a cloud platform made it easier to get information to officials responding to disasters like recent flooding.

Want to change the public's behavior? Make it 'easy'

by • 10 months ago

Meeting public policy goals doesn't always have to be expensive or painful, says Michael Hallsworth of the Behavioral Insights Team.

GIS platform puts Miami-Dade ‘leaps and bounds ahead’ for mosquito season, officials say

by • 3 years ago

After scrambling to control last summer’s Zika virus outbreak, officials say the county is prepared to combat mosquito-borne disease with the help of integrated map and data technology.