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Enabling digital transformation to improve public health services

People often conflate public health and health care – two very distinct and important disciplines that critically affect the well-being of people and communities.

Delivering better public health involves a vast system of state and local agencies and nonprofit organizations that ensure our food and water supplies are safe; that the places where we live, work and send our children to school meet safety standards; and that we can provide specialized services to help people with various needs.

Many of those services have faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic. But there were also many lessons learned, say Ernst & Young (EY) Principals Belinda Minta and Zakir Hussain in an interview with StateScoop. They highlight how public health leaders leveraged technology to improve and innovate how they deliver constituent services. And they discuss how state and local leaders can build on those lessons to better engage with constituents while keeping the momentum of digital transformation.

Watch the full video and learn more on how to take innovative approaches to deliver more significant public health services.

This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group and StateScoop and underwritten by Ernst & Young.