How healthcare agencies can tackle fraud, waste and abuse with RPA

by • 1 year ago

A new report discusses advances in automation to help public healthcare organizations tackle a backlog of claims from the pandemic, and protect from fraud and waste.

Nevada expects to cut costs with new health insurance exchange site for 2019

by • 4 years ago

The state is aiming to eliminate more than million in fees paid to the federal government for access to

Colorado's plagued medical benefits system may finally get the upgrades it needs

by • 4 years ago

New upgrades could put an end to a legacy computer system that has cost the state more than 30 million in improper payments.

‘Snapshot’ tool simplifies search inside California's child welfare unit

by • 4 years ago

An early preview of the technology shows how the state hopes to cut across institutional silos.

​How a Boston-based startup is changing non-emergency medical transportation

by • 5 years ago

Commentary: A new platform that is improving service quality and reducing fraud in the health care sector serves as a valuable example that government can follow.

Failed benefits portal prompts IT freeze in Rhode Island

by • 5 years ago

Still grappling with the troubled launch of its health benefits portal, Rhode Island halted all state IT development until a new project management framework is in place.

California unveils website to promote community health

by • 6 years ago

California debuted a new online portal that allows users to monitor health indicators — like the adult obesity rate and number of preventable hospitalizations – in each of its counties.

Michigan, Illinois to share Medicaid management system

by • 9 years ago

Michigan will share its Medicaid management system with Illinois in an unprecedented interstate alliance that will save the two states - and the federal government - in the tens of millions of dollars.