Mark Dayton

Auditor's report uncovers the decade that ruined Minnesota's licensing and registration system

by • 3 years ago

A report from the legislative auditor's office blames the struggling $100 million system on an amorphous band of public safety and IT department leaders.

After budget-writing failure, Minnesota's struggling vehicle licensing system is left hanging

by • 4 years ago

As the dust settles following a final political joust between the outgoing governor and Republican lawmakers, everyone is left a loser.

Minnesota appoints new CIO to fix struggling vehicle license and title system

by • 4 years ago

The incoming IT commissioner, Johanna Clyborne, says fixing the 3 million system is her highest priority.

Tech policy helps Minnesota earn 'best run state' title

by • 4 years ago

Cost savings achieved through data center consolidation and ongoing technology policy helped the state earn the top spot in a national economic and social ranking.

Minnesota apologizes for vehicle licensing system plagued with technical problems

by • 4 years ago

Reports of months-long delays for residents and state employees quitting their jobs from the stress of dealing with the new system have prompted questions from lawmakers.

Elections, retirements bring in new state CIOs in 2015

by • 6 years ago

In a tumultuous year for state information technology, more than 20 states welcomed new CIOs due to changes from elections, retirements or resignations.

Election Day primer for governor races

by • 7 years ago

With 36 governorships up for re-election, Tuesday's elections could bring widespread changes to state governments and state IT offices. Here's what to watch.

Minnesota IT consolidation saves $17.4 million to date

by • 8 years ago

Minnesota’s information technology consolidation efforts have saved the state 7.4 million over the past two years, according to information released last week by Gov. Mark Dayton and MN.IT Services, the state’s technology agency.