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Five cities team up to uncover economic-development innovations

by • 4 days ago

Local governments in five states will share best practices and new ideas to boost economic development and improve civic engagement.

Kansas City, Missouri, lowers emphasis on 'smart city' projects

by • 2 months ago

Alexander Braszko, the outgoing innovation chief, said his role is being eliminated in favor of a 12-member board appointed by a mayor who's been skeptical of smart-city projects.

Global 'smart city' network promises enhanced collaboration

by • 5 months ago

A new institute will enhance collaboration and communication between hundreds of technology-focused city officials from around the world.

Outgoing Kansas City CIO to lead 'smart cities swat teams'

by • 11 months ago

Bob Bennett announces his successor and his new consulting position with the urban-development magazine and research group Cities Today.

After 'transformative' term, Kansas City CIO Bob Bennett to depart

by • 12 months ago

The Missouri city CIO will leave government in April after three years of "smart city" work that he says has finally paid off.

Rentable doghouses, zoning code visualizations among tech featured in Kansas City's new class of innovative startups

by • 2 years ago

Rescue operations, sewer health and energy efficiency also are fuel for ideas in the 2018 Innovation Partnership Program.

Assembling the open government puzzle

by • 2 years ago

Transparency efforts are becoming more sophisticated. But everywhere you look, something is missing.

Kansas City's ‘Living Lab’ opens its doors to academics and startups

by • 3 years ago

After installing a sensor network in its downtown, Kansas City, Missouri, is opening up its data in hopes of generating new ideas and apps.

Kansas City launches real-time parking and traffic map

by • 3 years ago

Lots of cities have data portals. Some have smart city sensors. Kansas City, Missouri, is putting them together.