Jascha Franklin-Hodge

Boston CIO Jascha Franklin-Hodge moves on

by • 3 years ago

In January, the IT leader will leave behind a host of initiatives that helped to transform civic engagement in city government.

Will 5G allow cities to kill broadband monopolies?

by • 3 years ago

Commentary: Boston’s chief information officer is hopeful that an incoming generation of wireless technology will upset the industry and bring new connectivity to urban areas.

Uber’s open data platform needs some work before government can get excited

by • 3 years ago

At least one government IT leader says the ride-hailing company's foray into open data is admirable, but needs a few upgrades before it can be useful for transportation planners.

Boston's newest website uncovers troubled rental properties

by • 3 years ago

Housing violations, complaints and requests are drawn up from the city's open data portal with a new web interface supplied by the technology department.

Pursuing digital engagement, Boston closes in on its next chief digital officer

by • 3 years ago

After the exit of Laurent Lockwood, the city is looking for the right combination of expertise, ingenuity and understanding in its next candidate.

Boston spends $10 million to expand fiber to schools, housing, city buildings

by • 4 years ago

A rare procurement arrangement will open vendors to bid on chunks of the network, which will serve the city on an open-access model.

Boston mayor appoints city’s first chief data officer

by • 4 years ago

Former Democratic National Committee data chief Andrew Therriault will lead the city’s data efforts and analytics team.

Boston tests API approach to develop new permitting site

by • 5 years ago

The city is rolling out a new online portal for construction permits, but the new site could also represent a fundamental shift in how Boston does business.