Freedom of Information Act

Sunshine Week butts against an information tug of war in 2018

by • 4 years ago

Recent events show why the need for open access to information and government accountability are as relevant as ever.

Lawmaker calls New Mexico’s open data portal an 'embarrassment'

by • 5 years ago

After discoveries of missing datasets and blank pages, the website is now being reviewed for violations of state law.

Missouri attorney general to inspect Gov. Eric Greitens' use of secretive messaging app

by • 5 years ago

The governor says he has not violated the state's open records laws and that the claims against him are politically motivated.

South Carolina election commission permitted to withhold cybersecurity documents

by • 5 years ago

After an uptick in public records requests, the agency confirmed with the state attorney general's office that it was within its rights to withhold certain sensitive information.

Philadelphia is planning to post complaints of police misconduct online

by • 5 years ago

Starting November, the city will automatically make anonymized complaints of police misconduct available to the public.

Smart cities still struggle to understand, use oceans of data

by • 5 years ago

Technology leaders from several cities say they're concerned with staff education and privacy as their smart city efforts increasingly rely on new streams of data.

D.C. announces 'open by default' data policy

by • 5 years ago

After months of public input, the District unveiled the final version of an open data policy that streamlines internal data sharing and encourages transparency.

Not so fast: Michigan senate leader challenges transparency bills

by • 5 years ago

In the most opaque state in the nation, new transparency measures passed unanimously through the House, but the Senate majority leader says existing laws are good enough.

Digital Democracy video platform expands to New York

by • 5 years ago

A tool for sharing legislative video, first launched in California, goes live in a second state. Florida and Texas versions are also planned.