Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Major state technology upgrades coming in Vermont, CIO says

by • 3 months ago

Vermont CIO John Quinn said he's gearing up for major state technology upgrades, including the replacement of a 20-year-old ERP system.

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, may finally have a new ERP

by • 4 months ago

After years of missed deadlines and cost overruns, the county of 1.2 million is eyeing the finish line on phase one of a major IT upgrade.

How cloud-based ERP systems help CIOs and CFOs improve their operations

by • 3 years ago

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning systems produce cost and time savings for HR, finance and IT departments at state and local agencies, an expert says.

Cook County overcomes 'tremendous amount of skepticism' to complete $75 million ERP upgrade

by • 4 years ago

Officials of the Chicago-area municipality tick off the benefits of combining eight outdated systems into a single modern solution for all 22,000 county employees.

Software saves countless hours for Florida city tracking emergency response expenses

by • 4 years ago

Local governments can get grant reimbursements from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but only with a challenging level detail in their records.

From blind to data-driven: Washington state's IT tracking framework is transforming governance

by • 5 years ago

The state's journey to becoming a public sector vanguard for technology business management came with a few misfires along the way.

Open data firm Socrata sued for fraud after claims of deception against partner in Michigan contract

by • 5 years ago

Michigan-based software company Munetrix is calling for financial compensation amid an accusation that Socrata partnered on a state contract and then secretly undercut the bid.

Missouri and Arizona join forces on water safety compliance wizard

by • 5 years ago

It doesn't matter who did the development, Missouri's technology chief says — any state can use it.

Report: Smart city investment will double by 2021

by • 5 years ago

The global market is expected to exceed 74 billion within the next several years, according to new industry research.