Cities ply data against declining economic mobility

by • 1 year ago

Under a new initiative funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, 10 cities will track data with the goal of reducing income inequality and boosting economic opportunity for individuals and families.

Detroit kicks off Ford-backed transportation challenge

by • 1 year ago

Before individuals and community groups can begin submitting solutions, the city first wants to hear residents' biggest transportation challenges to nail down a focus of the competition.

'World's Smartest Intersection' debuts in Detroit

by • 2 years ago

Through a partnership with vendor Miovision, the city aims to have all of its intersections outfitted with an expandable application platform by the end of the year.

Detroit, convalescing, seeks director of emerging technology

by • 2 years ago

Post-bankruptcy, the city is searching for an expert in emerging technologies who can help rebuild.

To spot violent offenders, Detroit police infuse facial recognition into criminal video monitoring

by • 3 years ago

New software will track passersby at gas stations to build on a program that police say is already reducing crime.

Michigan House paves the way for ride-hailing regulation

by • 5 years ago

Michigan set new rules of the road for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, setting insurance standards for drivers and companies, and limiting the authority of local governments to alter policy.

Citizens want digital services, but cities fall short

by • 5 years ago

As exposure to private sector technologies grows, citizens expect more digital services from government, but aren't always aware some of those services already exist.

How Detroit can use map data to better understand itself

by • 5 years ago

As Detroit looks to tackle an array of urban ills, data visualization advocates are looking at bringing those issues into greater focus using data and mapping technology.

Technology leaders look to save Detroit

by • 7 years ago

Based on the discussions that take place over two days of brainstorming, the Tech Team – in collaboration with the City of Detroit – will develop a set of actionable recommendations to improve city services and unleash the power of technology to help build a 21st-century Detroit.