Cook County

Cook County, Illinois, moves out of 'stone age' with tax software

by • 3 months ago

The county, which includes Chicago, expanded a new software platform that makes tax collections on a range of goods more efficient.

Pre-pandemic foundations were essential to counties' tech success

by • 8 months ago

County executives featured in the 2020 LocalSmart Awards say the establishment of good technology infrastructure before the pandemic made the response easier.

As pandemic unfolded, local governments turned to projects new and old

by • 9 months ago

Winners of the 2020 LocalSmart awards for IT projects say the pandemic accelerated some efforts, and leaned on the success of others already underway.

Code for America's pot-conviction clearance program heads to Illinois

by • 2 years ago

Cook County will use an automation tool to identify criminal records eligible to be overturned under Illinois' new marijuana legalization law.

New crime-data dashboard illuminates trends in Cook County, Ill.

by • 2 years ago

The tool's creators are hopeful more detailed information on regional felony cases will inform smarter policy in the nation's second-largest county.

Cook County overcomes 'tremendous amount of skepticism' to complete $75 million ERP upgrade

by • 3 years ago

Officials of the Chicago-area municipality tick off the benefits of combining eight outdated systems into a single modern solution for all 22,000 county employees.

Cook County, Illinois, hires first chief data officer, puts new CIO on deck

by • 3 years ago

Dessa Gypalo, a former data director for D.C. nonprofits, is charged with advancing the local government's use and governance of data.

State elections officials stress the importance of paper trails

by • 3 years ago

The secretaries of state from three states told a Senate committee they're making progress in securing elections, slowly.

Tax analytics show county government who’s gaming the system

by • 4 years ago

New policies and data tools are helping Cook County, Illinois, enforce tax codes and recover tens of millions in losses and unpaid taxes.