Bruce Rauner

Audit uncovers 'pervasive' problems in Illinois technology agency

by • 3 years ago

Cost overruns, security concerns and a refusal to cooperate with the state comptroller were evidently hallmarks of Department of Innovation and Technology's recent history.

Illinois governor signs controversial 5G infrastructure bill

by • 4 years ago

The new law, criticized as a corporate giveaway, limits what local governments — except for Chicago — can charge phone companies for installing small-cell antennas on public utility poles.

Open data dashboards hoist youth issues in Illinois

by • 5 years ago

Key performance indicators in areas like education and health are hoped to inspire more data-driven policymaking in the state.

State searches for $1.2 billion to fund Chicago innovation center

by • 5 years ago

Though it has strong political support, the first facility to serve in a planned network of Illinois innovation centers still seeks firm financial backing.

Geolocation Privacy Protection Act vetoed by Illinois governor

by • 5 years ago

The protections would require companies to ask for consumers’ consent before accessing and sharing their data, but the governor said it's no more than excessive red tape.

Illinois mandates cybersecurity training for state employees

by • 5 years ago

A new law could save the state up to million through greater awareness of malicious and costly cybersecurity attacks.

Illinois street light RFP bolsters Smart State initiative

by • 6 years ago

The state hopes to leverage its buying power to make smart street lighting more affordable for local communities.

How Illinois' CIO has set out to change the state's IT culture

by • 6 years ago

Commentary: Illinois CIO Hardik Bhatt outlines steps he's taken to change the state’s technology culture as his team morphs into a new department.

Illinois CIO lays out plans for modernization push

by • 7 years ago

CIO Hardik Bhatt details how he'll lead a new effort to consolidate IT operations and modernize systems in Illinois.