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Half of Kansas' audited agencies failed cybersecurity checks

by • 6 days ago

Many Kansas agencies, including the university system and secretary of state, were found to have major gaps in their IT security practices and policies.

Louisiana IT agency audited for poor communication, accountability

by • 1 month ago

An auditor's report shows many of the Office of Technology Services' customers are confused or unsatisfied by the service they receive from the young agency.

'Time's up' for Colorado IT agency to address audit, lawmakers say

by • 4 months ago

The state's Office of Information Technology has delayed addressing audit recommendations related to major systems implementations twice in the last four years.

Mississippi audit finds 'disregard' for cybersecurity across state

by • 5 months ago

More than 40 percent of state entities did not bother responding to a required survey about IT and data security practices, the state auditor said.

Before cyberattack, Baltimore saved data only on local hard drives

by • 5 months ago

A routine audit of Baltimore's IT agency was undermined because key performance data that had been saved without external backups was corrupted in a May 7 cyberattack.

Amid IT consolidation, Kansas' tech chief tries to win back trust

by • 7 months ago

A decade of aggressive efforts to pull control of technology services away from cabinet agencies has state IT chief Lee Allen poised for a more subtle approach.

Audit uncovers 'pervasive' problems in Illinois technology agency

by • 8 months ago

Cost overruns, security concerns and a refusal to cooperate with the state comptroller were evidently hallmarks of Department of Innovation and Technology's recent history.

IT consolidation finds limited success in Minnesota, audit shows

by • 12 months ago

The ability to purchase technology at scale and enforce enterprise security standards are wins for the IT office, but agencies are divided on how it's performing.