Ajit Pai

FCC adopts new broadband data mapping rules

by • 8 months ago

The Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules designed to improve mapping accuracy and verify the data coming from providers.

With Pai's departure, FCC likely to restore net neutrality, strengthen municipal broadband

by • 10 months ago

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to appoint new FCC leaders who will work more closely with local governments and reinstate Obama-era regulations.

For students without home internet during pandemic, could FCC's E-Rate help?

by • 1 year ago

Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and many educators continue pressing for expansion of the FCC's E-Rate program, which is currently limited to funding schools and libraries, but Chairman Ajit Pai won't budge.

FCC approves a more accurate broadband data collection method

by • 1 year ago

A more accurate data-collection method will be used to disperse $4.4 billion in broadband infrastructure investment over the next decade.

FCC didn't follow GAO's 2018 recommendations to improve broadband on tribal lands

by • 1 year ago

The Federal Communications Commission didn't implement any of the three recommendations the Governmental Accountability Office made in 2018 to improve broadband access on tribal lands, according to a report published Thursday.

FCC still can't agree on when to distribute broadband funding

by • 1 year ago

As FCC Chairman Ajit Pai pushes to distribute $16 billion to underserved regions, Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and other Democrats argue that more accurate data is needed first.

Lawmakers release digital equity principles aimed at closing digital divide

by • 1 year ago

Two congressional Republicans listed nine broadband policies they say could help families, businesses and telecommunications companies survive the pandemic.

Critics say FCC's broadband relief efforts 'ring hollow'

by • 2 years ago

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai shared the steps he's taken to connect more people to high-speed internet during the pandemic, but some broadband advocates say it's not enough.

FCC shares disbursement strategy for $20B rural-broadband fund

by • 2 years ago

Considering its unreliable coverage maps, the FCC says it will first fund projects where it's confident broadband service is absent, then use new data to fill the gaps.