Radio, 911 upgrades top priorities for county law enforcement

In an infographic from Public Technology Institute, county law enforcement agencies report radio communications as the top priority over the next five years.
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(Public Technology Institue)

Communications — in more ways than one — continue to be a focus for county law enforcement agencies, according to survey data released by the Public Technology Institute.

As part of the group’s 2018 Law Enforcement Technology Priorities national survey, agency officials reported radio communications and information sharing as two of the top five highest-priority technology projects over the next five years.

Next-generation 911, mobile data access and smart devices were cited as the other three top highest-priority technology projects for county law enforcement going forward.


“The insight and experiences that these officials shared provide a picture of how technology is being used in local law enforcement,” a PTI spokesman told StateScoop in an email.

The survey, conducted during the summer of 2018, was intended to “develop a better understanding of the technology, operational and management issues within local government law enforcement agencies.”

Things to look for:

  • Staffing levels for county law enforcement technology agencies have remained consistent since 2017.
  • Forty-three percent of respondents reported an increase in budget/spending levels since 2017, while 42 percent reported the same levels.
  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents reported their agency is doing “an adequate job” of providing the expertise necessary to implement and maintain new technologies.
  • 39 percent reported that all officers are equipped with body-worn cameras, while another 16 percent reported only some have cameras. Twenty-eight percent of respondents reported no plans for body-worn cameras.

This infographic was provided to StateScoop for publication as a part of a media partnership with the Public Technology Institute. For more information on this poll, and other PTI activities, check out

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