New gives citizens multi-device accessibility

Newly redesigned, the official website for the State of Tennessee, is vintage in only one respect: its artwork.

Redesigned Offers More Flexibility for More Devices:

Newly redesigned, the official website for the State of Tennessee, is vintage in only one respect: its artwork. The website was optimized for a range of digital screen sizes to provide easy reading and navigation, keeping resizing, panning, and scrolling to a minimum. Retina support, swipe gestures on rotators and collapsing menus are just a few of the ways the site interacts with visitors.

“With an average of 1.3 million hits per month on the main page alone, the site serves citizens, travelers, regulated businesses, and local governments, among others. An increasing amount of those visits are not from a desktop computer and account for about 20 percent of external traffic,” said John Chobanian, Director, Strategic Marketing & Innovation, Office of the Governor. “The redesign was focused on accommodating all visitors, regardless of device and I believe the team behind did that brilliantly.”

The concept for the new was conceived following a focus group, where the design team learned that the widespread adoption of “apps” has changed users’ expectations of websites. On smaller screens, visitors have a visual and functional experience that closely resembles a mobile app, while on larger screens, progressive enhancement animation takes advantage of the best browser features when available.


To maximize the personal experience at, the site can detect the visitor’s location to display an interactive map of nearby government offices and deliver state news relevant to their county or city, including grants, events, and advisories, such as road construction. This capability follows visitors throughout the site, leading them to additional local resources. presents a unified web presence that extends beyond the top-level pages to the individual agency sites. Visitors are presented with a consistent, visually appealing experience that is unique to and offers assurance that they are on the official State of Tennessee website.

The redesign was completed at no cost to the state or citizens through a partnership with Nashville-based NICUSA Tennessee, part of the eGovernment firm NIC’s family of companies.

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