IT consolidation led to culture clashes, Tennessee's CIO says

by • 1 week ago

"We should’ve done more to do a cultural analysis," Stephanie Dedmon said of merging IT workers from 23 different agencies into a unified organization.

States are warming up to new technologies during pandemic, CIOs say

by • 2 months ago

As state agencies face urgent needs during their responses to COVID-19, IT leaders see an opportunity to evangelize for their trade.

Pandemic put states' digital modernization efforts in the spotlight

by • 3 months ago

CIOs' aspirations to improve government services and automate workflows are suddenly being tested by a global health crisis few were prepared to face.

Workforce committee pushes new training, recruitment strategies in Tennessee

by • 6 months ago

In K-12 and the state government itself, officials are rethinking how they prepare workers for emerging technical jobs.

State IT workers should adopt 'consultant' mindset, Tennessee CIO says

by • 9 months ago

Stephanie Dedmon told NASCIO's 2019 conference that her staff needs to focus on customer needs, not just the tech.

You can’t afford not to modernize IT, says Tennessee CIO

by • 9 months ago

Understanding the risk environment and taking an inventory is the critical starting point for state information technology upgrades, said Stephanie Dedmon.

NASCIO names 30 of the best technology projects in state government

by • 10 months ago

Among the 19 states recognized are shared-services cybersecurity programs operating in Iowa and Texas, where officials say systems are becoming more secure.

Process is key for state IT, technology leaders say

by • 11 months ago

State IT leaders from Tennessee and Oklahoma said focusing heavily on processes helped them succeed in their statewide IT consolidations.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee dedicates $35 million to rural broadband

by • 1 year ago

The investment is the latest in a string of large budget allocations from governors in recent months.