Andrew Belanger

Belanger is the statewide social media director at the State of Michigan.

State Up & Comer of the Year

As the statewide social media director and digital content administrator for the State of Michigan, Andrew Belanger is currently supporting a statewide website content management system modernization project, helping agencies align under a unified brand, working to improve digital accessibility and promoting unified citizen experiences across digital properties. Over the last two years, Belanger worked to launch an internal digital experience site for staff, coordinating and aligning digital best practices to achieve Michigan’s citizen-centric government strategy. It has centralized resources for branding, content design and digital accessibility and supports staff who manage applications, websites and social media. Belanger’s work overseeing the state’s social media program recently received national recognition from the Government Social Media Organization’s 2020 Golden Post Award program for the state’s coordinated LinkedIn strategy.

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