Self-driving shuttles will soon begin public testing in Rhode Island

by Jared Beinart • 2 weeks ago

During a one-year pilot, the state transportation department will monitor how the new technology can augment public transit in Providence.

Ohio Governor-elect Mike DeWine names statewide IT chief

by Benjamin Freed • 2 weeks ago

Ervan Rodgers, who's been the IT chief in the attorney general office since 2015, will become Ohio's next statewide CIO when DeWine takes office in January.

Attn. incoming governors: On cybersecurity, you're not alone

by Colin Wood • 1 month ago

Commentary: Governors of Michigan and Louisiana encourage state leaders to explore the many cybersecurity policies, initiatives and resources on offer today.

21 states are probably getting new CIOs

by Benjamin Freed • 1 month ago

The biggest realignment in state leadership since 2010 means changes are coming for many chief information officers and the agencies they lead.

Big changes in store for state CIOs after 2018 elections

by Benjamin Freed • 1 month ago

With 36 states electing governors, there could be major upheaval ahead for chief information officers and the strategic plans they oversee.

New toolkit shows little cities how to buy like big ones

by Jared Beinart • 2 months ago

A new online tool developed by The Atlas guides small and midsize cities through "big city" tactics for doing business with the private sector.

Kentucky's $375,000 CIO defends his first year on the job

by Benjamin Freed • 2 months ago

Charles Grindle, whose unusually high salary has become a political controversy, says he's saved the commonwealth millions of dollars.

NASCIO recognizes top state IT leaders and projects for 2018

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

The annual awards honor top projects and "outstanding individuals who have made contributions to advance state technology policy".

State and local tech partnerships take finesse, but pay dividends

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

It's all about finding the right opportunity or "lever," two state IT officials told a conference audience.

Most people don't want to access government services with their mobile devices

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

New data from Unisys shows that while there is demand for mobile access, it's more nuanced than sometimes portrayed by technologists.

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