"Mark Dayton"

After budget-writing failure, Minnesota's struggling vehicle licensing system is left hanging

by Colin Wood • 6 months ago

As the dust settles following a final political joust between the outgoing governor and Republican lawmakers, everyone is left a loser.

Minnesota governor vetoes bill reimbursing those affected by struggling licensing system

by Colin Wood • 7 months ago

Gov. Mark Dayton is instead calling on the legislature for a single comprehensive bill that provides sustainable funding to fix MNLARS and reimburses deputy registrars who have been affected.

Minnesota's only suicide hotline is in danger of closing

by Ryan Johnston • 8 months ago

The state needs roughly million in additional funding annually to keep its call center open.

States redesign election cybersecurity with $380 million boost

by Colin Wood • 9 months ago

New post-election audits and the installation of paper-based voting machines are among the projects the federal grants will support.

Fired MNLARS project leader calls himself a 'head on a spike'

by Colin Wood • 9 months ago

Paul Meekin, a former employee of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, says he's being used as a scapegoat while the administration avoids "the real problem."

Minnesota Gov. Dayton orders autonomous vehicle testing, creates advisory board

by Colin Wood • 9 months ago

An executive order puts the state in a growing group of those planning for new advances in transportation technology.

$43 million sought to fix Minnesota's vehicle licensing system

by Colin Wood • 11 months ago

The state's technology office says critical repairs on the struggling computer system will be discontinued if the legislature doesn't approve the spending.

Minnesota appoints new CIO to fix struggling vehicle license and title system

by Colin Wood • 11 months ago

The incoming IT commissioner, Johanna Clyborne, says fixing the 3 million system is her highest priority.

After a 36-year state government career, Minnesota CIO Tom Baden to retire

by Jason Shueh • 12 months ago

The government IT veteran says unforeseen health issues have prompted him to retire from "the honor of a lifetime."

Minnesota's new CISO says he will continue to fight for cybersecurity funding

by Colin Wood • 12 months ago

State Chief Information Security Officer Aaron Call says a hack to one of the state's Facebook pages earlier this month is a perfect illustration of why they need greater support.

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