911-tech firm Carbyne partners with aerial-video developer Edgybees

Through the partnership, users of Carbyne's public safety platform can view live aerial video feeds during critical events.
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The public-safety tech firm Carbyne on Wednesday announced a new partnership with Edgybees, which makes software that handles aerial footage from drones and manned aircraft.

The partnership, the companies’ chief executives told StateScoop, will provide public safety officials using Carbyne’s platform an aerial view of the scenes where they’re responding. Carbyne sells an “end-to-end digitized ecosystem” for the next generation of 911 systems, integrating video, photos and other information collected by 911-callers near the scene of an incident. The new partnership offers first responders an additional, aerial vantage point, said Carbyne CEO Amir Elichai.

“Anything that’s going to help us better assess situations, areas, certain elements within an area that’s important for dispatchers and responders, it’s always welcome,” Elichai said. “And Edgybees is a great add-on to this mission to help public safety meet citizens’ and responders’ expectations.”

Edgybees, which claims the U.S. National Guard, Air Force and Navy among its largest government customers, develops software that, in real time, overlays graphical elements onto video footage, such as the locations of important landmarks or infrastructure. Edgybees CEO Adam Kaplan said the partnership will improve the level of detail that first responders have when trying to understand the environment during an emergency, such as a fire or hurricane.


“It’s the ability for us to geolocate and add augmented reality layers from an aerial point of view to what Carbyne does amazingly on the ground as part of a common operating picture so you have the full situational awareness,” Kaplan said.

Elichai said Carbyne’s software is currently used by more than 100 U.S. agencies.

Editor’s Note: This story was updated on July 15, 2021 to accurately reflect Carbyne’s customer base.

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Written by Colin Wood

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