Pandemic gives Smart911 a boost in Arkansas

by • 3 months ago

State officials said the public health crisis is attracting more people to proactively share information with emergency services.

As pandemic threatens budgets, 911 services begin scaling back

by • 4 months ago

Emergency call centers already reporting challenges getting enough cleaning supplies and staff say they're now redrawing their plans as tax revenues collapse.

It's time for government to 'throw the old 911 out the window'

by • 5 months ago

The pandemic is bringing more attention to public safety officials, who said in a webinar Thursday that it's time to rethink the future of their role in society.

911 call centers have enough capacity so far, but upgrades are delayed

by • 6 months ago

Emergency call centers are withstanding surges of calls in areas heavily affected by the pandemic, but key upgrades are being put on hold, a survey found.

Waze launches data-sharing integration for cities with Google Cloud

by • 12 months ago

The route-finding app will integrate its anonymized, shared data into Google Cloud to make it easier for cities to analyze it.

Next-generation 911 gets $109 million boost

by • 1 year ago

Funding authorized in 2012 is now being dispensed to 34 states and territories. But a full nationwide upgrade could require more than $12 billion.

911 call centers get a map to look up other call centers

by • 1 year ago

It's a visual upgrade to a decades-old database that also comes with hooks for modern applications to share data that helps smooth emergency response.

South Carolina experiment adds social media to 911 response

by • 2 years ago

And it works best when the data is curated before it reaches a first responder.

FCC announces plan for new direct-to-911, location-sharing rules

by • 2 years ago

The Federal Communications Commission says it will bundle its implementation of Kari’s Law and part of RAY BAUM’S Act​, both enacted earlier this year.